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Transport in Europe without problems, we take care of everything!

 Intermove is the ideal partner to manage international removals from Italy to abroad or from a foreign country to Italy. We have a network of 10 drivers with around 15 small and large trucks suitable for all needs. We organize furniture disassembly and reassembly service in Italy and abroad with professional and qualified personnel.
We assure you maximum accuracy in handling, loading and unloading operations. All you have to do is agree with our offices the date and preferred time for the move. If you are in a hurry, we will urgently help you to complete the move by taking care of all the paperwork and all bureaucratic requirements.

 Do you have to move to a European country or do you want to return to Italy?

 If you have to move from one country to another to transfer your company, your office or to fix your residence there, Intermove is the right person to contact. We carry out removals and transport throughout Europe, to bring your things from Italy abroad and, vice versa, for the return to Italy. Contact us now to receive more information and to agree on the date and time you prefer. We are available and flexible to find the right time to minimize inconvenience and to complete the assigned task.

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